Sponsor a Child


We are very excited to introduce our Child Sponsorship program. We feel like the value of sponsorship has many benefits:

1. Obvious is the benefit financially of being able to help provide a home environment for the orphans that we are taking care of. These orphans are placed with us by the government. We take them in and become their parents.

2. We are able to share the love of Christ with these children by showing how our compassion for someone they have never met is willing to send money and be willing to help.

3. We encourage the sponsored child and the sponsor to correspond with each other and develop a friendship. We are happy to help facilitate a visit to  our farm for a personal visit.

4. All the funds are used for the children. We don’t have a big marketing budget that takes away what is used for the children!

5. Many times we feel like we want to help and what happens is we receive the greatest benefit of all by being able to help.