June 3, 2013
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Spiritual Springtime of New Beginnings

Time to bring everyone up to date with what’s happening at Casa del Aguila. 2013 looks like it is going to be the best year in many, many years. Although the staff is small their hearts are all in. They love what they are doing and it is reflected in all their faces when you meet them. It is now the beginning of June and already the teams that have visited Casa del Aguila have been swept away by the passion and love for Jesus Christ. Jaimie Gonzales our administrator has turned the whole ship around and is doing a wonderful job. The atmosphere is one of great tranquility and peace and it is so evident that things are good there in the mountains. The spirit of Unity is evident.

One of the differences this year is Jaimie greets the teams and works with each team leader to schedule out each day they are there to make sure the resource of missionaries visiting the farm are not wasted. The schedule is matched to the skills and needs of each team , the emphasis is shining the light of Christ in every activity. The teams are tired at the end of each day, but it’s a good tired.

We have just finished a pastors conference led by Pastor Charles (Bubba) Stahl. Wow was is great. We filled our church at Casa del Aguilla every day with pastors, and in the evenings we packed our mountain churches with full congregations. So far this year every team we have had, has experienced something that is hard to put into words, the moving and rejoicing of the Holy Spirit. Our hope is this enthusiasm will be taken home with each team member, and these experiences will result in the desire to be a part of our body of Believers, praising Our lord not just in the mountains of Peru but all over the world.

Please consider sponsoring one of our kids at Casa del Aguila. We have posted each child on our website and we really need help in paying their expenses. Each child is really excited when they find out someone cares enough to help out. Go to and sign up. You’ll be blessed.

Peace be with you
Mike Gauntt

P.S. Please let us know how we can help you join us in the teaming with God’s people at Casa del Aguila. So many that go have the desire to bless someone, but come home with a gift that blessed their soul.