Standards of Conduct

As a member of a team (or as a volunteer), you agree to…

  1. Remember that I am a guest working at the invitation of a local pastor.
  2. Remember that I have come to learn, not to teach. I may run across procedures that I feel are ineffective or attitudes that I find close-minded. I will resist the temptation to inform the how about “how to do things.” I will be open to learning other people’s methods and ideas.
  3. Respect the host’s views of Christianity. I recognize Christianity has many faces throughout the world, and that the purpose of this trip is to witness and experience faith lived out in a new setting.
  4. Develop and maintain a servant’s attitude toward all nations and my teammates.
  5. Respect my team leaders(s) and his or her decisions.
  6. Refrain from gossip. I may be surprised at how each person will blossom when freed from the concern that others may be passing judgement.
  7. Refrain from complianing. I know that travel can present numerous unexpected circumstances, but I know that each aspect of missions trip is for God’s glory and not my own. I will try to be creative and supportive.
  8. Respect the work that is going on in the country with the particular church(es) or person(s) with whom we are working. I realize that our team is here for just a short while, but that the local church is here for the long haul. I will respect their knowledge, insights, and instructions.
  9. Refrain from negative comments or hostile discussions.
  10. Remember not to be exclusive in my relationships. If my close friend or spouse is on the team, I will make every effort to interact with all members of the team, not just one another.
  11. Refrain from any activity that could be misconstrued as a romantic interest toward a fellow team member or toward a national. I realize certain activities that seem innocent in my own culture may seem inappropriate in others.
  12. Abstain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of tobacco while on the trip.