Learn Spanish

Our hope is that you will enjoy this beautiful part of God’s creation while learning Spanish and changing lives.

The Program

The program itself will consist of volunteer activities (depending on your skills) in the morning hours followed by 3hrs of language training in the afternoons. Weekends will be free so that you can engage in tourist activities.

Program Itinerary

WEEK 1: Introduction to CDA. Start Spanish course and volunteer work
WEEK 2: Continue Spanish course. Adventure activity.
WEEK 3: Continue Spanish course. Free Weekend!!
WEEK 4: Language test.

Program Budget

  • International Airfare: Approx. $1100 per person
  • Domestic Airfare: Approx. $200 per person
  • Airport Hotel: Approx. $132 per double room
  • Ground Transportation: Approx. $15
  • 1 Month Language Course plus Room & board at CDA: $1000 per person
  • Tourist Activity: Two Day Visit to Machu Picchu: $300 per person

Approx. cost per person $2,747