Information for Volunteers

Throughout the year we host volunteers from all over the world. The duration of visits ranges from a couple of days to several months. Recently we have discussed the need to offer our volunteers the opportunity to study Spanish while they engage in meaningful volunteer efforts. You can click here if you are interested in the Spanish language program as well.

Our facility and staff really look forward to your visit, and they are ready and willing to host you. We at CDA want to encourage you in any way we can to get out and do something different, hug a child, it makes both of you feel better.

Volunteer Projects

We have many different projects that are going on and we can always use a helping hand. Projects and ministry opportunities are limitless. The CDA Team will help match your gifts and your calling to the needs of CDA.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, you will be transferred to CDA. When you arrive at the farm you will be offered herbal tea and be asked to rest for awhile. Drinking lots of water will help your body adjust to the altitude. While you relax our hospitality director will give you an overview of the week’s activities and answer any questions you may have.

Program Itinerary

WEEK 1: Introduction to CDA. Start volunteer work
WEEK 2: Volunteer work. Free Weekend!!
WEEK 3: Volunteer work. Free Weekend!!
WEEK 4: Volunteer work. Free Weekend!!

Program Budget

  • International/ Domestic Airfare: Approx. $1200 per person
  • Airport Hotel: Approx. $132 per double room
  • Ground Transportation: Approx. $20
  • 1 Month Volunteer Room & board at CDA: $600 per person
  • Tourist Activity: One Day Visit to Machu Picchu: $250 per person

Approx. cost per person $2,200