January 1, 2013
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Happy New Year’s!

Greeting and Happy New Year from Casa del Aguilla and ICM!

I have just returned from several weeks in Peru, where Ralph Fair and I visited with the staff and children at CdA and many others in the Andes Mountain region surrounding the farm and childrenʼs home. Since joining the efforts of Ralph and the CdA team over three years ago, I have never been more excited about the future and more encouraged by the unity of purpose that I witnessed on this trip! God is at work in His people!

It is summer in Peru! And everything is lush and green, displaying new growth and new life everywhere you look! I couldnʼt help but be reminded of the story in John 3, when Jesus was talking to Nicodemus about being born again, and later in Revelation 21:5, when He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” By Godʼs merciful hand, newness has come to CdA and it is contagious!

In December 2012, we welcomed Jaime Delgado Gonzales to the position of Administrator. Jaime is a local man, a product of the community and CdA. He has worked there since he was 18 years old. His work ethic and energy is unmatched and his connection with the Quechuan people is deep and sincere. We arrived on the campus this time to significant improvements to the grounds and buildings, and we watched countless community volunteers plugged into working faithfully to support Jaime and the work of CdA. Unity has never been more apparent.

Also in December 2012, we welcomed Jeanette Florez as the Director of the Hogar (Childrenʼs Home). Jeanette comes to us with 20+ years of experience, serving as director of multiple orphanages in the Cusco area. Within a few short months, her organizational skills, knowledge of Peruvian law, and her love for the children have been evidenced by significant changes to the operation of our Hogar. One of the first things she did is evaluate the situation of each child in the orphanage. Having done that she discovered that fifteen of the thirty-five children in our childrenʼs home had families that were financially and emotionally sound enough to receive their child back into their homes, and this was quickly accomplished! Because of the vacancies and the excellent care at the Hogar, the Peruvian government has already begun the process of placing four new orphaned children into our care, with more on the way! We are excited about the future of our children!

Also new to 2013 is a Junta de Directiva (Board of Directors) made up of 3 Peruvians, 2 Americans, 1 Costa Rican, and 1 Canadian. This multi-cultural board is already making decisions that have significantly impacted the future of CdA. God is making all things new! Over the next few months our website will be updated and you will be receiving information about some of the changes and ways you can continue or begin partnering with us.

For me, the past several years have been challenging and humbling! I have learned much about the Living God, myself, and others, and I am more expectant than everabout the days ahead for Casa del Aguilla! Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support! To many of you, thank you for going and going again! Familiar faces are such a blessing to the people in Peru!

May God be glorified in and through His people as He makes all things new!

Mike Gauntt
Executive Director
Interdenominational Christian Missions