February 5, 2013
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Greetings from the Andes

We have been back at Casa del Aguila for a week now and everything seems so familiar to us – the kids, the people, our surroundings and the beautiful scenery. The kids were so excited to see us, and we were just as excited to see them. It was very emotional with lots of hugs and kisses!

After two long days of travel and very early mornings to get to Peru, “we hit the road running” on Friday, February 1st when we took three of the children from Casa del Aguila to a hospital, an hour’s drive away, in a small town called Curahuasi.

Walter needed attention for his heart and lung issues and Sara had to get her eyes examined, as her vision is quite bad. Willy saw the doctor for a skin condition. We feel very blessed to have such a wonderful hospital so close to the orphanage. Hospital Diospi Suyana was founded by a wonderful German couple, both excellent doctors and it offers all the latest medical services and technology including a CT scan machine, one of only five in Peru. This hospital relies on volunteer missionaries from Europe who come to work for two to three years in the various medical professions (doctors, nurses, ophthalmologist, administrator, etc.). The founders’ objective was to establish and operate a modern hospital and provide medical services to the poor Quechua people here in the Andes Mountains. The hospital is located three hours southwest of Cusco in a very remote part of the Andes and has a magnificent setting overlooking several white mountain peaks and green hillsides. Although we spent the entire day there with the kids, it was very inspiring and amazing to see such a well-run and professionally staffed hospital so close to us at CDA.

Below is a video of some music at the morning devotional service, which is held in the chapel of the hospital every morning. As you will see, the music team includes several doctors and nurses along with Peruvian musicians.

We hope that all are well!

Mike and Nancy

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