May 7, 2014
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Everyone loves Walter

Walter is 13 years old and lives in House 4 along with his friends, Yuri, Rolando and Hernan and house parents, Eliasib and Marina and their two boys.  Walter does not know where in Peru he was born but foster parents in a very remote part of the Andes Mountains near Cruzpata (about ten miles from here) looked after him in his very early years.  As a young boy, he worked as a shepherd looking after the cows and sheep and taking them to new pastures each day.  When Walter was eight years old, he was brought here to Casa Del Aguila (CDA) for care and schooling. When he arrived at CDA, Walter was extremely malnourished and it was apparent that he had been severely physically abused. Walter has lived here at CDA for 6 years now. Read more.

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  1. Janene says:

    I’ve known Walter for 4 years and completely adore his sweet, shy personality. I pray for him all the time and ask God to bless him with all that he needs and wants. Please let me know if Walter needs anything and I can send it with JD and the CBC team who are coming to CDA in July. Tell Walter that Me, Abbey adn Ethan love him very much and we miss him.

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