November 17, 2013
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Casa del Aguila!

I am sad to say that I left CDA. Lots of tears and hugs but hopefully I’ll get back someday! So many things happened over the year from mission teams coming, working on school projects, giant church services, studying for exams, birthday parties, and so much more! 


We had many mission teams come over the summer, which meant lots of arts and crafts, visiting local communities, and campfires! I don’t think there is one kid there that doesn’t love s’mores! So after eating all that gooey marshmallow mess and singing songs, we would look at stars! We almost always saw shooting stars – one night I saw 23 and Yuri saw “43” buuuut I’m not sure if he was counting correctly! Haha 



During the summer was my birthday! We made pizza!! And they threw me a surprise party that was super special and fun! And the pizza was delicious!!




During the kids spring break in August, we went on what I like to call “family vacation!” Four families, me and another volunteer, and ALL the kids loaded up into the two Cda vans, (that’s 42 people – talk about a VERY tight squeeze!) and headed off to Lares! After stopping to buy food, eating breakfast at a beautiful lake, and jogging quickly up some inca ruins we finally made it after 7ish hours!

There were 6 pools with very yellow water, ranging from freezing to scalding! The kids had a blast!! The youngest ones stayed in a shallow pool learning to swim and splashing around while the older ones had races and contests!




After we finished swimming, we headed back to urabamba, and stayed the night – all the girls in one room, and the boys in another, 2 people to a twin sized cushion – so it was literally a giant slumber party with no room to enter or exit the room once everyone was lying down!


The next day we headed to ollantaytambo to visit some Incan ruins, not as big as Macchu Picchu, but really cool! Everyone from Cusco was able to go in for free, but for the out-of-towners, it cost money, so the eleven of us went to the free ruins and climbed up a mountain. It was awesome! It had a great view of the other ruins, and was much more adventurous! Four of us found a cave that possible at one time was a short cut to another part of the mountain. The boys went in first followed by Laura and myself. We were in for maybe three seconds when the boys screamed “Ahhh there’s a human hand!” And Laura and I ran out! We found out later there wasn’t one but we were glad we left! Haha





After that we headed home! We stopped to eat at a restaurant before getting completely home that had a giant turtle outside, so it was fun to take pictures with him!


I’m not sure what my favorite memory or thing was over the year, but I know the friendships I made will never be lost! It’s funny to think that my best friends are all under the age of 18! Haha But anytime we were together I had fun – whether it was eating lunch, washing clothes, flying kites, or watching shooting stars,the kids and staff have become my best friends and family and made it an absolutely wonderful amazing year!