Blogger how-to guide and FAQ

Wondering how to blog? We can help! Check out the videos below. Frequently asked questions is coming soon, depending on just how many questions we’re getting!

The Basics: Signing up, logging in, then adding a post

If you’ve already signed up, then you can skip ahead in this video to the point where we log in, then add a new blog post. You can always find the login link under “blog” in the main navigation at the top of the site.

Adding images to your blog entries

The video below demonstrates how to add single images to a blog entry – and how to add photo galleries (so that you can post dozens of pictures at the same time with only a few clicks).

Adding video blog entries

Have a great video from Casa del Aguila that you’d like to share? You can add it directly to the site. Just publish the video to either YouTube or Vimeo, then follow the steps below!